本文摘要:A VACCINE that could deal a serious blow to seven in 10 lethal cancers has been developed by scientists.科学家研发出有一种疫苗,可有力地抗击70%的可怕癌症。


A VACCINE that could deal a serious blow to seven in 10 lethal cancers has been developed by scientists.科学家研发出有一种疫苗,可有力地抗击70%的可怕癌症。In tests, it shrank breast tumours by 80 percent and researchers believe it could also tackle prostate, pancreatic, bowel and ovarian cancers.在试验中,这种疫苗让乳腺肿瘤增大了80%,研究人员指出该疫苗还能化疗前列腺癌、胰腺癌、肠癌和卵巢癌。Even tumours that resist treatment with the best medicines on the market, including the wonder drug Herceptin, may be susceptible to the vaccine.就算是市面上最差药物(还包括化疗乳腺癌的万灵药赫赛汀)也无法化疗的肿瘤,有可能也不会屈服于这种疫苗的威力。

The experiments so far have been on mice – but researchers hope to pilot the drug on people within two years. If all goes well, the vaccine could be on the market by 2020.到目前为止该疫苗的试验都是在老鼠身上展开的,不过研究人员期望能在两年内将该药物在人身上做到小规模试验。如果一切进展成功,这一疫苗有可能将于2020年上市出售。Rather than attacking cancer cells, like many drugs, the new treatment harnesses the power of the immune system to fight tumours.这种新疗法并不是像其他许多药物一样抗击癌细胞,而是调动免疫系统的力量来对付肿瘤。




The search for vaccines has been hampered by fears that healthy tissue would be destroyed along with tumours.仍然以来找寻癌症疫苗最担忧的问题,是在毁坏肿瘤细胞的同时,不会把身体健康的组织也毁坏掉。Researchers from the University of Georgia and the Mayo Clinic in the US focused on a protein called MUC1 that is made in bigger amounts in cancerous cells than in healthy ones.来自乔治亚大学和美国梅奥医院的研究人员将目光探讨于一种取名为MUC1的蛋白质,这种蛋白质在癌细胞中的数量比在身体健康细胞中的数量大。Not only is there more of it, but a sugar that it is decorated with has a distinctive shape.这种蛋白质不仅在癌细胞中数量更加多,而且这种蛋白质的周边还点缀着一种形状独有的糖类物质。The vaccine trains the immune system to recognise the rogue sugar and turn its arsenal against the cancer.这种疫苗能训练免疫系统,让其需要辨识这种恶糖,并将反击的矛头转而指向癌症。

Cancer cells have a special way of thwarting the immune system by putting sugars on the surface of tumour cells so they can travel around the body without being detected, researcher Professor Sandra Gendler said.研究人员桑德拉贞德纳教授说道:癌细胞用糖包覆寄居肿瘤细胞,这样癌细胞就可以在体内四处游荡而不被察觉到,通过这种类似的方式来阻扰免疫系统的抗击。To enable the immune system to recognise the sugar it took a special vaccine that had three parts to it.为了让免疫系统需要辨识这种糖,我们必须一种类似的疫苗,这种疫苗由三个部分构成。She said it was this that turned out to be a winning combination.她说道,这种疫苗经证实是顺利的人组。